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Should SCIENCE move from the cross-road of Quantum-physics to Quantum-Mind research ?


Despite the findings of the high-energy ( subatomic particle world physics)  physicists that, one of the most central dogmas of science- the reality of an objective physical world independent of the observer- is no more valid, the mainstream world is yet to realize its philosophical implication.. This knowledge should have shattered many aspects of the modern world-view, that include its biological, industrial, political and even educational fundamentals. Probably this might have been the reason why the above finding is still kept at abeyance, for not disturbing the comforting beliefs and foundation of many institutions. For example, modern world has no workable alternative to replace Darwin's evolution theory, which is based purely on an objective philosophy of the world. In the absence of the concept of 'objective world', our theory of knowledge will lose its base. Indirectly, even our predominant economic philosophy-capitalism- is also based on the reality of an objective world. It is at the disposal of man for thorough exploration, and smart,efficient  consumption. Hence, world is still silently running on its old paradigm on the 'objective'certainty of her knowledge.

The intent of this small write-up is to explore the far-reaching possibilities and perspectives that the future worlds could go for, once the world realize the philosophic implication of the new findings of the high-energy physicists. Of course it will compel our sense of reason to rethink the ultimate stuff of the world, which was thought to be pure matter earlier. Now we are compelled to believe that the ever present harmony and stability of the physical world has something more behind it,besides the known laws of physics. The new stuff we want to add here is the existence of a software like programme behind the integrity and stability of every atom; like the creative design that made the protons and neutrons to fiercely bind together in every circumstance, and the similar creative design that was behind keeping the electrons rotating at unique orbits around the nucleus.

While the attraction between the protons and neutrons,or that between the nucleus and electrons can still be called physical, our sense of reason can not resist accepting the above design a product of a new stuff of universe, similar to a software programme in computer applications. While the architecture of the atom in the known manner is similar to the structural design in computers, how can be ever imagine that the hardware itself can create its software too ? Our sense of reason readily agrees with the notion that the hardware of any structure is always determined or designed, keeping in mind the need of the software that runs on it, not vise-versa ! So, the post high-energy physics world can not resist itself from adding a new stuff too, in the list of the existing stuff of the world, ie. a mind stuff behind its lifeless architecture or the hardware of the world.

This is not a call to add a religions' God as the ultimate stuff behind existence. This is a call to open-up on our extremely closed notions on the 'objective' physical stuff of the world. There need to be a lot more thinking and innovation as to what all we could know, and what internal tools we have to acquire such knowledge.  

The net essence of the findings at the high-energy physics field

First of all, why subatomic particle world physics is also called high-energy physics ? It is plainly because, besides the involvement of quantum theory at atom level events, due to velocity that almost touches the speed of light for many subatomic particles, relativity theory is also to be called-in to explain many of the events here. For example, while the electrons travel in its orbits at the speed of about 600 miles per second, the nucleons ( protons and neutrons) attain speed of up to 40,000 miles per second !

High-energy collisions of atoms in particle-accelerators are to be artificially created to study the properties of subatomic particles,hence particle physics is also called high-energy physics.

While electrons are kept at their allotted orbits by strong force of the nuclei, the constituents of the nuclei- the proton and the neutron- are also held together through strong force. Here what makes the picture so  unimaginable is the fact that the 'force' that holds these constituent particles together are also some other kind of particles ! ' Thus the distinction between the constituent particles and the particles making-up the binding forces becomes blurred' ( Fritjof Capra, book ' Tao of physics',p. 86)

When two particles collide with high energies,they generally break into pieces,but these pieces are not smaller than the original particles... because we just create particles out of the energy involved in the process. In these experience, the traditional concepts of space and time, of isolated objects, and of cause and effect,lose their meaning.

' the sub-atomic particles have no meaning as isolated entities,but can be only understood as interconnections between the 'preparation' of an experiment and the subsequent measurement...thus, the properties of any atomic-object can only be understood in terms of the object's interaction with the observer'. ( ibid,p.71)

To get basic atoms to disintegrate into particles, we need to take the help of huge particle accelerators, wherein velocities nearing to speed of light is achieved.Most of the particles thus created live only for extremely short-time, say less than a millionth of a second-after which they disintegrate again into protons, neutrons and electrons. We need to take special note of this particular end act, that particles artificially created always go back into their stable form, ie. as electrons, protons and neutrons.Protons,neutrons and electrons also re-integrate into atoms at the earliest moment. What force makes these sub-atomic particles always going back into their stable form ? In our search for the ultimate stuff of the universe, the above noted tendency is worth taken special note of. As noted at the inception paragraph, such re-integration of every subatomic particle into either an electron, a proton or a neutron also can not be any other force than an inherent software command that these particles carry and obey.

Now, consider the attraction and repulsion properties of nucleons-the proton-neutron center of atoms.Its attraction is active only when other nucleons come close to it-say, the distance equal to 2 to 3 times their diameter. At lesser than this distance, ie. if other nucleons approach each other closer than the above limit, the reaction becomes negative; instead of aggregating the attraction, it shows a propensity to strongly repulse them ! Nucleons can not come closer than the above distance.This way, the nuclear force keep nucleons in an extremely stable manner, in an equally dynamic equilibrium. This repulsion factor is what gives matter its solid nature, and provide the links necessary to build up the molecular structures. They are also involved in the chemical reactions, and are responsible for the chemical properties of matter.

Here too, the above referred distinct third party essence of existence conspicuously emerges as some mystery force, or inherently received 'command' other than that of energy and matter; ie. the software factor that provides the above seen PROPENSITIES to the particles, always to re-integrate into their mother 'wholes', or stages.These particular propensities of particles and the matter-energy 'wholes' they constitute is what gives the world its stability and tangibility, to the perceiving senses.

It needs no super-human intelligence to recognize this aspect of 'software command' behind what caused such propensities. These inherent commands are independent of the known properties of any known energy form. It is similar to the distinct reality of a software program in computers. It is above and beyond the electrical force that runs the various chips and components of the machine, and properties of its hardware components to transmit such commands. It is a distinct,new stuff, separate and independent of the above two factors of the ultimate forces of the universe ! The live reality of an external program can not ever be ignored and ruled out, as there is no doubt about that it is the ultimate stuff of whatever that exist. It is nature's ultimate predisposition or predilection,expressed by way of these commands, or the software program that runs existence as a whole ! Why shouldn't our unique intelligence infer that,physical realm is merely the STRUCTURAL realm of the whole, a mere hardware of an yet unknown software ? 

( Invite those who are exceedingly open to consider the view that, our science is, with all due respect to its achievements, in a way the PREDOMINANT SUPERSTITION of  our age, to share an internationally peer-reviewed paper that deals with the idea:

Yes... we can not rule out an ultimate predisposition, or predilection of the universe, or existence 

Why such an ultimate predisposition of nature/ existence must be identified ? Because, such a predisposition is what determines both the software and hardware program of the world. Why the scattered protons, neutrons and electrons reintegrate into their respective atom models the moment the forces that had caused their disintegration disappears ? Why the distance ruled laws of attraction and repulsion of atomic nucleus is what offers molecular stability to matter ? It is this stability of atomic nucleus that provides the apparent stability of external nature, ie, of  the plants, rocks, air,water and living beings. It is this ultimate software command that stabilizes, and provides the experience of life for human beings, animals and plants.

Science do accept some kind of a predisposition to nature. In the sphere of biology, she attribute it as the evolutionary thrust of life-forms; to reproduce, compete for space and resources, and then survive successfully. In the sphere of physical matter, this predisposition is a cold and mathematical cause-effect one. But science has not yet spelled-out it as any identifiable 'predisposition' or predilection of nature. She vaguely narrate it as inherent propensity of matter and living beings.

Living cells, when encounter environmental challenges to exist, mutate and then alters the very physical features of the body, so that it become adapted to the new environment. When we look at such explanations from the surface level, it might appear genuinely scientific.But when the question, how the cells are programmed to infinitely to alter their strategy of mutations to vary according to unprecedented environmental changes, from improving from the stage of a single cell amoeba to  million varieties of sea-creatures, and then a similarly varied species of land beings, sky beings, and finally into man, the being that ask all these questions and seek answers, Science's above stand weakens, and miserably  fails. The many irrefutable evidences of 'creative choices' in nature are difficult to be side-lined or ignored, as they are outside the grounds of the routine, cold grounds of evolutionary explanations.

Evidences provided above from the subatomic particle research field, on the hidden existence of a 'software'command factor that controls and lead life and existence to certain 'sensible' direction should be enough to save science from her 'zero sum' stand on the net essence of life. It would makes only better 'sense' to recognize and accept certain predisposition or predilection in nature, as its ultimate stuff. Matter and energy, or matter-energy duality of nature was the product, or manifestation of the above said software program, or the ultimate predisposition of nature / existence.


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